Hi shoppers! I'm Ashley. I'm a c1-c2 quadriplegic since birth. All of the items you see on here are made with the stick on my head shown in the picture on the left. BDelight was established in January 2013. It started as a fun project to occupy my time when I'm not tutoring. I found some beads at Michael's and thought I would try to see what I could do with them. My first piece was a pink bracelet with hearts I made for my cousin's birthday. After I made a few, people started to show interest in them, so I set up a site and made them available.

My first sale was actually the night I opened my first store. I couldn't believe someone wanted one that fast. After getting a few more orders that week, I knew I was onto something, so I went back to Michael's to get different colored beads. I knew if people wanted to buy them, they needed choices of colors and styles. Now I'm trying to get more people interested and grow BDelight into what I know it can be.

Below is a link for how I make each piece you see listed. I take pride in every creation, and I know it will be enjoyed by someone for a long time.

The Birth of a Beading Passion